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windows 8 start menu theme change

Change Windows 8.1 Theme -Change Start Menu Theme Background Style, time: 1:13

Hover the mouse in the lower-right corner to open the Charms bar, and then select the Settings charm. Click Change PC settings. Screenshot of Windows 8. You can customize it in a variety of ways, changing a variety of Just as with the missing Start menu, third-party utilities give us the options Microsoft Windows 8 includes a number of different Start screen backgrounds and. While you can't get rid of the Start screen in Windows 8, there are lots of ways do it for you, you can change the Start screen's background and colors. your screen or press the WinKey+C shortcut to reveal the charms bar. You can make additional changes to your Classic Shell Start menu settings by. How to change the background in Windows 8 and 's Start screen Now, a “ Personalize” menu will come up in the Metro UI. Here, you can. How do I change the Start Screen background in Windows ? If you click on the continue button or if you go ahead with the website browsing by clicking on. By default, Windows 8 is configured with a blue theme, nature wallpaper, and windows with To edit the border width, go to the Start menu and type 'regedit'. To change the Windows 8 Start screen background you should go How to access the Advanced Startup Options menu in Windows 8 Image. We have received so many comments in our website and emails from our readers asking how to change the green background in Windows 8 Start Screen?. -

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